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Reiki 1:

By request

Friday 19-22. Saturday 10-17. Sunday 10-13.


Reiki 2:

By request: Friday 19-22 + Sunday 9.30-15


Price†† :Reiki 1 DKK 1800,- / Reiki 2 DKK 4500,-


About Reiki

Usui Shiki Ryoho or Reiki is a healing art, which can be learned by anyone and used in all life situations.

It works whatever you believe it or not!

The healer just lays hands on the body and let the energy flow. You will sense the energy, feel relaxed, it creates happiness and power.

Reiki can never be influenced by your mind. It fulfils and supports your need in physical, emotional and spiritual levels, consciousness or unconsciousness.

Your life becomes richer in surprising ways. Reiki brings light into your heart.


Reiki 1
During a weekend, you learn how to treat yourself and others. The history of how Reiki came about will be told, and there will be plenty of time for practice, sharing and get to know the five Reiki Principles. You will also learn how to treat children, animals, plants, as well as the use of Reiki in many other ways.

You will get four initiations, which create the natural and lifelong connection to the universal life force, which is Reiki and makes it work, simple and easy.


Reiki 2

This class is for those who want to learn more, those that feel for and need a deeper connection to the healing energy. It is also useful for therapistís who can integrate Reiki in their treatments.

In a playful and easy way, you learn three symbols, which is useful to concentrate and increase the flow of Reiki energy and to reach the deep unconscious mind.

Through meditation, sensing and practicing the symbols, you will feel they become alive and create powerful connection with the healings energy. You will get one initiation.

To benefit most of the class you need 3-6 month between levels 1 and 2.



- is the one who teach and initiate. To become a Reikimaster is an individual process in which you work with Reiki for yourself and others in a minimum of 3 years.

My teaching follows the international guidelines for the original form of Reiki, which serves you in a responsible and qualified way.












Anny Petersen


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